Stand A Chance
To Win A Full-Set
Carbon Fiber Honda Emblem!

*Full-set emblems worth $300 with free shipping


The winner of the competition will get:

  • Front Honda Emblem
  • Rear Honda Emblem
  • Steering Wheel Honda Emblem
  • Can choose either Honda Emblem Type I, Honda Emblem Type II or Honda Emblem Type III in a set from our website
  • Can choose any available carbon material
  • Can use custom reflective image inlay
  • Can talk to us if the available colors not suit to your favor, we will try our best to get the most nearest color you want
  • Free delivery

Step 1

Take nice photos of your car with carbon sixth element product on it.

Step 2

Fill in the competition form and upload the most attractive photos.

Step 3

Wait for our representative contact you for verification purpose, actual voting start date will be given as well.

Step 4

Keep an eye on our facebook page on the voting start date. Share your competition post from our page to get facebook post reactions as much as you can.

Step 5

When Voting period ends, final result will be captured. Who's post got the most reactions will be the winner and announced on Our Facebook Page.


  1. You must owned one Facebook account and must liked Carbon Sixth Element Facebook Page.
  2. The photos must be taken on actual car and Carbon Sixth Element’s product on it.
  3. One person per competition entry.
  4. You are not allowed to use other owners photo without the owner’s permission. You will be disqualified if reported or identified by our team.
  5. Every single competition post posted in our Facebook Page defined as the participant’s unique post. Only reactions (Like, Cares, Angry etc emoji) on the post will be effective counts.
  6. The post with the highest amount of reactions will be the winner.
  7. Voting period will be running for 2 weeks. (14 days)
  8. Actual voting start and end dates will be announced prior in our social media pages.

Competition Form

Simply complete the form and wait patiently for our representative contact you.

Your facebook profile url
How to check my facebook profile URL?
If you got more images to share with us and the file size is huge, just send us the shared url via google drive etc.
Please briefly tell us which product you bought from us that in your images. You could tell us what carbon fiber material you used, what custom image etc. The more description provided, the more higher chance people like your photos, the more higher chance you win the competition!